Sarah, Hagar and Their Husband Abraham Jannetta Faires Johnson

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116 pages


Sarah, Hagar and Their Husband Abraham  by  Jannetta Faires Johnson

Sarah, Hagar and Their Husband Abraham by Jannetta Faires Johnson
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s story faithfully follows the Biblical account of Abraham as he first received and then sought to carry out the covenant made directly with God, with between-the-lines details from the authors imagination.

Sometimes the beautiful Sarah did not understand her husbands special Relationship with Yahweh, Jehovah God, and at other times she grew impatient with both Abraham and his God. Like the time she despaired of having a child and devised a plan that would make her a mother.

She owned a servant girl, Hagar, and reasoned in her mind that since Hagar was hers, then any child Hagar might bear would also be hers. If Abraham were the father, then she and Abraham would have an heir. Hagar did bear a son, Ishmael, and with time God fulfilled His promise to Sarah and also gave her a son, Isaac.

Her resentment of Hagars son became so intense that the child and his mother were turned out to survive as they might. Isaac inherited the covenant blessing from his father to build a strong Jewish nation but God raised up Ishmael to be equally great and become the father of the Arab nation. This book relates of the beginnings of two faiths and how God must have planned it this way all the time.

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