A Descriptive Study of Bengali Words Niladri Sekhar Dash

ISBN: 9781107064249

Published: December 26th 2014


372 pages


A Descriptive Study of Bengali Words  by  Niladri Sekhar Dash

A Descriptive Study of Bengali Words by Niladri Sekhar Dash
December 26th 2014 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 372 pages | ISBN: 9781107064249 | 3.15 Mb

This book is a study of modern Bengali words based on the data obtained from a corpus of written texts. The author has used all kinds of data, information and examples from the Bengali corpus to shape up this text. He has made an empirical attempt to analyse Bengali words and other lexical items from the perspective of their surface orthographic representation to understand the internal structure of their composition with a focus on their functional roles in various contexts of their usage within texts.

In order to achieve this goal, he has established a link between the internal composition and external representation of words within an interface of usage and function of words in texts. The issues addressed in the book include decomposition of words, interpretation of function of word-formative elements and analysis of lexico-semantic identities of the word-formative elements in relation to their function in words.

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